CROSSFIT: The only sport where the loudest cheers are for the last to finish!
When Life Knocks You Down…DO A BURPEE!!!
OPEN GYM HOURS: Monday-Thursday 6:30pm – 8pm | Friday 5pm – 7pm
Bring a buddy and get a discount on BOTH memberships!


At CrossFit Phase II Fitness, it’s our mission to make you feel welcome in a community of supportive like-minded people.

We want the best for you and all you can be. Phase II Fitness is comprised of a family-based group of those striving to grow in their personal fitness goals. We have faith in what is possible for you because we have seen what’s possible for others, time and again.

Our joy comes from seeing you reach & grow through each milestone. CrossFit isn’t just about loosing weight and building a strong body (although these are the perks) but most importantly it’s about building your confidence and a strong mind.

At CrossFit Phase II Fitness,  we remove all excuses!

Checkmark No More Confusion:
You don’t know where to start so you simply don’t begin.

Our Beginners Program walks you through each step of the your Crossfit Workouts using barbells, dumbells, kettleballs, rowing etc., until your comfortable with the techniques & lingo BEFORE you join our regular group.

CheckmarkNo More Boredom
Our Daily Crossfit Workout (ie…WOD) changes every day so you never get bored, your always feel challenged and the results are amazing.

 CheckmarkNo More Intimidation:
We understand everyone is at a different fitness level and we support you wherever you are.

Our trainers and other Crossfit members are there to push you through things you never thought possible, not through intimidation but by encouragement. That is the heart of our business. Crossfit is for men, women and children of all ages and fitness backgrounds.

Checkmark No More Time Excuses:
Our CrossFit workouts train your body in a very different way than your typical gym.

Our workouts change daily, so boredom is never an excuse to not work out! We will have you working your body smarter, not harder in the lease amount of time.

If you are looking for something new that doesn’t require hours at a gym but still leaves you feeling mind & body strong than our Crossfit workouts at Phase II Fitness is for you.
Embrace the Evolution of Fitness!

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